Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blocks Challenge

I did the blocks challenge today. I built a city with Becky and Karniaye. There is a big Eiffel Tower and a Slide that the cars go down. There is a bit that makes the cars go up down up down.
By Ryan

Blocks Challenge

We did the blocks challenge today. Ethan, Becky, and Aidan did it with us. We made park and a sky scraper and a house with a mall. It has roads that go from one place to another. There is a cinema and little houses.
By Zaine and Brendan

Blocks Challenge

We did the blocks challenge today. We made a city. Me and Elia and Taonga and Nelio. It has a tower, a bridge and a house.
By Chloe

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Super 6 rockets certificate winners

Congratulations to this weeks certificate winners, Adithi, Karniaye, Kendra, Brendan, Ryan, Zaine and Chloe!!! Well done to you all for wonderful efforts in the classroom!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Soccer Skills

Check out the fun we had at Soccer skills

Welcome to Sarah and Aidan

Welcome to Sarah and Aidan, who have come from Christchurch. They are with us for a couple of weeks before heading back home. We are hoping they have a wonderful time with us in Room 6.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's all exciting times in room 6

WELCOME  to the newest additions to our classroom...... 10 new tadpoles we'll be watching these go through some amazing changes and look after the end result.

Look what happened last night!!!

Wow our caterpillar turned itself into a chrysalis last night. The children were so excited to see the change!

The Butterfly Life Cycle

We have been watching and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly in our classroom. Here are some stories about our caterpillars

What has happened to our Caterpillar????

"Look at our caterpillar... What is happening to it?",  the children asked. The Caterpillar is getting ready to turn into a chrysalis, it has attached itself to the leaf and has formed a J. Hopefully we will get to see the transition.