Friday, 1 April 2011

Room 6's Trip to Auckland Zoo

Wow what a fantastic day we had today. We loved the Zoo and saw some fantastic things. Room 6 children are very excited and have a lot of new ideas for their enclosure designs.


alexei_dinoia said...

Totally awesome, what an exciting day Sharde had with her friends.

Room12 said...

Hi Room 6,

We are Room 12 at Arrowtown School, it looks soo cool. We wish we could go! It looks really fun.
We don't have a zoo because we live in Arrowtown near Queenstown. The nearest zoo to us is in Christchurch which is 6 hours drive.
You saw some exciting animals.
Did you see the fish?
Did you see the kiwi?
Those elephants look humongous!
It looks fantastic!
Room 12

Room 1 said...

Did you have fun

Anonymous said...